Hey there

Let me very honest about the thinking behind this move and my ambitions thereof. I am doing this for the lack of other better things. I would much rather manage a basketball team or better play for one, but I have neither the opportunity nor the resources. So what do I do this summer?

I read. And listen to music, and watch some fine movies. But the more I do that I see the blashemy of being a passive recipient of almost everything beautiful. I must establish however, that the ambition is not to make it as a writer, photographer or filmmaker but just to put oneself out there. Take a step out of the bunker, and face the fire. If by the end of this process, however long or short it may be, I am able to evoke the emotion behind the words I write, I will consider this worthwhile.

Cheers. I promise it wont be half as dull as this rather lame statement of intent was.


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