Change is always good

I paid my Grandmother a visit yesterday. It was a normal, regular visit at her house; one of a string of visits I have been having there. I sit by her side after greeting her and look at her. With age she pretty much changes every time I see her, much like a growing kid. So anyways, I am talking about this and that, and repeating stuff as well, so that she understands where out of the blue, she rises and tells me ‘change is always good.’

Now don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t as dramatic as I have made it out to be. There was obviously a context in which she said it, but that detracts from the point.  The point is that change is good for everything; relationships, mannerisms, trends, economics- and by that very parameter must remain without context.

But what is rather queer, and beautifully so in this case, as with most things related with my grandmother, is that she, at her age said this. Come to think about it, not only has each and everything in the world changed in the span of her 85 year life, it continues to change at ever-increasing speeds. I mean, we complain about the world changing to fast and not being able to keep up with it, and here is a old grandmother, sitting in her cosy home completely comfortable with change around her.

It makes you wonder whether the right thing to do chase down change and track its every move, or just embrace that its inevitable and lead your life likewise. At the risk of sounding old-schooled at this age, I wonder whether it is in everyone’s best interest to be up to speed with the latest tweets, and blogs, and tv shows, and youtube. In this plethora of never ending information and change, constancy may as well become a desirable virtue.


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