A good day!

I don’t quite think enough grief is given to the plight of getting up early in the morning when the night before has been late and lazy. Having said that, I should be content with the luxury of it being for golf. It could be worse.

A nice round early in the morning is the best way to get up and kick start your day. I know I know, I sound very old and boring, but golf exhilarates me. There is so much that golf says about life; learning, practicing and mastering the game of golf requires much the same dedication and tenacity required in the excellence of golf.

Take for example the swing. Every one can swing a club, but to acquire a swing that is not too fast, yet powerful. Not too wide, yet sweeping. Not too high and nor too low. And the permutations of the above, you think that controlling so many separate variable at that one fleeting moment on the swish sound is like the blanket word for all activities, innumerable variables, people and emotions- life.

Look at your lie- you would rather be in the fairway in college and doing well in your studies to have a good second shot. Or rather would have a good lie in the rough so that by sheer brilliance and talent you land it 3 feet from the pin. Further, how consistent will you be? Do you lay up, play it safe by doing all the right internships, and summer courses, or do you take a risk and go for the green. Where will you be more successful and, more importantly, for how long?

These are question that I ask myself everyday on the golf course, and the irony is that it gets me nowhere closer to the answer. It only hands hints. And warns that perseverance and determination may hand it to you one day.


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