Isn’t it ironical, sang Alanis Morissette

Today is Independence day for India. We celebrate our Independence. We suffered a fair bit through our period of imposition, and so the day the British left us, we rejoice.

Though, the question is do we really know what we to rejoice for. As generations go by, the real struggle of our people at that time seems more and more like a distant bad dream; nothing to shake your insides up. So whereas on the one hand we forget that, and on the other we see superficial development, we fall under the dubious trap of being senseless and unaware. Suspended in time.

Only then would you have a party, on Independence Day, with the theme of Dharavi, the biggest slum in the world. To the young, elitist college going Indians, the country’s darkest 5 sq. kms makes for an interesting theme for a party. Now don’t call me a cynic; I am all for not looking into things too much and doing what you want to as long as it does not directly harm someone. But the irony of this theme, on INDEPENDENCE day, was too much to bear.

Sometimes, I really get the feeling that we are not independent at all because independence orginates from the individual mind outwards. Strange as it were, Independence cannot be successfully be imposed on someone. It needs to be achieved, and I believe that although we must celebrate and revel in the history of the day, we stand today inching away from the very Independence we cherish.


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