In recent times, I have become a great fan of Seth Godin’s daily blog. I have it mailed to me every evening. EVERY evening – at about the same time EVERYday. One of two things are at play here – either he has an automated publisher to publish the post at the same time everyday, or he gets up every morning and publishes his post. I strongly suspect the latter.

Routine is something that all Indian kids are taught to achieve. And like most kids around the world, most Indian kids try their best not to achieve it – simply in retaliation; without thought or intent. But now, as I make the turn into some semblance of adulthood, I am rethinking the concept of a routine. And I am thinking – its not all that bad! 

Why do the best sportsmen, businessmen and musicians have an immaculate routine. Apparently, it takes away the creative vibe, but why then do the biggest, most insightful authors fall back on routine for their works? Maybe it has a biological explanation in conditioning. Routine brings conditioning which moves work from the conscious to the sub conscious. Second nature – and not just spurts of it, but at a sustained level.


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