To Steve Jobs and a Half eaten Apple

I know this is going to be a one of another 100 hundred million blog posts about him today, but I need to say this. This man, Steve Jobs, was a revolutionary.

My contention is however, that he has lent more to the world in terms of aesthetics through his technology than personal computing itself. The credit of mass producing and helping computers run the world may as well go to Windows and Mr. Gates, but Steve Jobs has given us something far more nebulous. His aesthetic sense right from the colourful Macs, to the white classy ones to the metallic silver macbooks. Lets not even get to the iPods and the iPads for those designs take it a notch higher up. He showed us that design is a state of mind – and that it translate into everything we do. His genius was in the way that he backed such innate aesthetic beauty with equally brilliant technology. 

He famously talked about his calligraphy and typography course while at college, and how that influenced him so much. The aesthetics of his Apple products, the operating systems, the pure intuitiveness of his creations have influenced my sense of aesthetics. The colours that he chose to use, the symbols – all of it. 

Lets have no doubts about fact that Apple was a one man show. Jobs’ creativity, innovation and drive have gotten Apple Inc. close to one of the most valuable companies in the world. And just as I have imbibed a sense of simplicity and design from him, I hope for the sake of the future of technology that the people working at Apple take it forward.

They owe it to Steve.


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