Marketing like a superstar!

There are some things that companies and brands alike can learn from movie superstars.

The kind of frenzy that superstars command is something that you don’t often see in any other field. I think part of the reason is that films, music and sports need the personality of figure to merge into the art. A superstar isn’t simply selling the song, or the movie or the unbelievable curving ball in the top right corner. They are bundling it together with their personal excellence, work-ethic, maybe humility and often the sense of humour that goes with being a star. Its the human connection.

The only way that people would engage with an external entity at the level of screaming, waiting for hours for a glimpse and general havoc at the sight of it (them), is because both parts of the brain are simulated by stars. The on-field or stage performance may appeal to the left in terms of skill and talent. But the larger than life portrayal, values appeal to the abstract in us. It makes us fans.

I definitely feel like this could be a real goal for companies. They are still run mostly by humans (so far so good), and for the humans.

Its not simply coming up with one super star product and selling it – its about living (running) by a certain set up values. With social media, and Google, its about the connecting/relating with the people in the firm, their beliefs, their sense of humour. Once those values emerge internally (within employees) and externally, it makes for the customer engagement that goes beyond the measurable – like a superstar, I say!


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