Vital Questions

Are you the high profile caddie or the superstar player; member of the pit crew or the stellar driver?

Questions many us may never have to answer specifically, but yet even thinking about it would give us a sense of the kind of people we are, and who we want to be. Not all of us would find joy in being the entrepreneur, losing your family time, and living your life like the venture was all there was that mattered.Then again some of us would. 

What is certain, however, is that the two are vitally important and irreplaceable. Sure the player, driver and entrepreneur, will be required to handle more pressure – their average pay across the industries mentioned factors that. Yet without the expertise some of the other people can bring in – they will be left to be remembered as the kid that had unbelievable potential – where is he now?

To achieve sustainability (and that often comes with scale in today’s world), it doesn’t matter which one end up as as much it matters to know which one you want to be.


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