Way to the top!

First of all, apologies to the fairly sizeable number of viewers of this blog -its been a while since I’ve written anything. Being regular with writing has been my kryptonite, but you guys hlep me fight it!

So I am fresh off visiting some high-profile wedding with lots of big shots seen here and there (mind you, judged by the ornaments that their wives were wearing and the cars their chauffeurs had parked outside).

I was talking to one guy on the side, and he turned out to be the architect of the boy’s father for almost 40 years. He went on to tell me about how loaded that family is. He said emphatically, and out of the blue I might add, that this family has some huge flabbergasting number of acres of land 40 kms around this city. Over the next 20 years, that translates into a LOT of money. 

He is a farmer (on paper), so gets access to land at really cheap prices. Professionally, he is a steel distributor. His father, that is the boy’s grandfather, was a mason. So taking nothing away from them – they’ve probably got to this kind of wealth after quite a bit of hard work.

But the turning point of the conversation was this: the person who I was talking to, had basically grown in out of the success of the bridegrooms father. In one person becoming super rich, there are a number of stakeholders that ride the wave and create their own value. 

The eco-system. The eco-system will always be more sustainable, desirable and successful. It will also thus be tougher to achieve. In India, for the last generation at least, it seems like it was the mercurial rise of one that brought the others up. But now with a much larger number of people becoming successful, can you, as either the one being super successful, or the one growing with the super successful, put all your eggs in one basket? My guess is not. 

The eco-system/network now trumps the individual entity. 


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