Supersets, Sets and Subsets

The more I see, I feel like the world is divided into supersets, sets and subsets. Even MORE interesting is the fact that there are an infinite number of overlaps between these sets.

It makes the world an awesome, colourful and vivacious Venn diagram.

Mutiply this by times 1,000,000,000 billion

Take for instance the notion of liberal thinking around the world. Starting from the macro-perspective and moving downwards, you look at the west and think, yes they seem to be more liberal about most things than that East. So that makes one big circle for the West marked ‘Liberal’, and a circle for the East marked ‘Not Liberal’. Okay. Fair game.

Lets move in for a closer look though. If you go to the United States and ask a person about who is liberal and who is not, they’d make you 2 circles as well. They’d probably put the East Coast and West Coast in one circle (the liberals), and put the Midwest and the South in another one (not so liberal), and maybe have a different circle altogether for Texas (absolutely NOT liberal). Or if in the larger West circle you compare the US and Europe – Europe would, on most counts, come across as far more liberal than the United States.

In the same vein, you would find places in the interiors of the East, where you would least expect it, to find signs of amazing tolerance, and liberal thought. 

And these distinctions move down from regions and continents, right down to cities, communities and groups of individuals. 

Just a thought when someone make a sweeping statement about anything – financial figures, culture, progress, equality – see if you can figure out as many of the different subsets possible at play for a the real picture!


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