The Yang

I am going to begin with some good news.

Amit Gupta found a 10/10 match. Yes. I am happy for a guy I don’t know, never met, never talked to and probably never will. And yet, I have followed his story over the last few months, and hoped for the best. I wasn’t the only one, thankfully 🙂

Yet, the truth is I followed his story, but I probably don’t know about another 100 amazing stories in my hometown. Fact.

I remember pondering over this concept of alienation (new age, that is) where we live in this fatastic globalized world, conversing and engaging with people and events at the other end of the world, and becoming more and more disconnected with our immediate surroundings. Of course, that discussion was in the context of how that impacts our ideas of development, community and such but I won’t digress.

The point is that social media seems to be exacerbating (or enhancing, depending on which side of the argument you set camp) this phenomenon. And its only going to increase – chances that we will blog and share, like and pin much more than share a conversation with the neighbhor.

Its not much for me say whether this is right or wrong. I am an active part of this trend. But I think it helps everyone to give a thought to these disruptive changes in the way we lead our lives. Leaving it to a bunch of excellent coders might not be the best idea.


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