The importance of the story.

Stories, believe it or not, are at the centre of most of what we do as a human race on the planet today.

Right from our greatest inventions, to organized religion as we know it today, stories have often driven human kind to great heights. Lets take technology for instance.

It would be highly unlikely that one of the great inventors of today, or even in the past, had the idea, skill-set, creativity and means to take their idea and turn it to reality. In most cases, you have to sell the idea to someone. That idea is, in one’s head, is fragmented into a thousand pieces. To sell your story to someone, you have to make sure that it fits in; its coherent, and inspiring.

It doesn’t matter if its to sell a Coco-Cola, or get funding for vaccinations in Africa or getting your tech code passed to production. You have to be a story teller.

ps- I am going back to the stories that stole my imagination as a child – Noddy – to see if I can identify the fundamental blocks of story telling. More on this, if I have any success.


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