American Sensationalism

Warning : This is blog post is being written in the aftermath of an extremely entertaining movie called the Avengers. Its an all violent, funny in parts, super slick super hero movie with all the ingredients to be a big big success.

I write this because by the end of this weekend, I think at least 40% of my friends would have seen this. By the next weekend, that number will be close to 60%. In India, the smartest and youngest minds are going to watch a movie which literally has a ‘Captain America’ saving the world. Now I wont pretend – I love super hero movies. They’re awesome! (wonder where I got that word from now ‘awesome’)

But behind the strange rush of excitement I feel when watching these movies, its tough to escape the enormity of its reach, and the message that it is sending out. We have everyone watching a movie about what are definitely American superheroes. There’s a part where Captain America talks about how his ‘blue stripes and stars’ might be a little old fashioned. And then Agent Coulson says, with great impact of course, that the ‘people’ could use a little ‘old fashion these days. With the background score and everything else, its tough not to get carried away and relate yourself with one of those people.

I know Avengers isn’t exactly the stuff of great public discourse – but with number of people watching it, can we really afford to not talk about it all. I promise you, on one is going to come out of this movie and say ‘wow, that wasn’t cool.’ All I am trying to say is that with things that are so cool and shiny, like one’s mother would say, be careful. With the amount of information buzzing around anyway, filters seem to hold more and more value, and I would hope that people use those behind the awe-inspiring entertainer that this movie is.

ps- by all means, watch this movie. I really enjoyed it!

And – Hulk>Thor>Iron Man. However, in terms of coolness, invert the signs.


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