Off the top of my head

For someone who is so steeped in the happenings of the now, I thought it made sense for me to come up with a series within my blog that helped me release my thoughts on the top 3 things that were on the top of my head at the moment.

Yes – this is for the things that don’t require a post, but a tweet just won’t do.

So here’s what comes off the top of my head today

  1. The Olympics. This event definitely captures my imagination. And even though India remains an Olympic Chihuahua, the spirit of an event like this is amazing. You have people from everyone, all these cultures competing, at what is the forefront of human physical achievement. As a sportsperson, and as a human – that stuff is pretty amazing. Hope its a great show.
  2. Monsoon – where art thou? Its come to the point where you’re playing hide and seek but its been hiding for so long that the rest of us are worried whether something else is wrong. Not to mention the reminder a week monsoon gives us about the harsh reality of this country. We’re still highly monsoon dependent = we’re still largely 3rd world. Ok upwardly mobile 3rd world. Yes. 
  3. Graduate School. Enough said.



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